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Let’s talk about me January 30, 2006

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If you are reading my blog, chances are good that we are related. In which case, you basically know everything about me. Nonetheless, here is a list of some things I consider defining characteristics, just for fun.

  • I’m left handed, which some scientists say is evidence that I was a twin; at least very early on in development. Too bad that didn’t last, I would have liked to be a twin.
  • I have hazel eyes. Not brown. Not green. Hazel.
  • I don’t like my food to touch, and I only eat one thing at a time (ie I eat all of my peas, then all of my meatloaf, etc).
  • I am the third child of ten. Eight of us are girls, and two are boys.
  • When I was little my dream for adult life was to get married, be a mom, a cashier, a secretary, an artist, and an actress. I wanted to live in a pink house, drive a pink car, and have a pink poodle. Most of those aspirations have changed.
  • I am never bored.
  • I hate raisins.
  • If I could have one super power, it would be flight.
  • If I decide I don’t want to do something, you shouldn’t try to change my mind because in the end you probably will, but I will be so grumpy and mean the whole time, you’ll wish you hadn’t.
  • I like stories that end with a wedding.
  • I eat all of the peel off of an apple before I eat the good part.
  • Here are the shows I’ve seen every episode of: Saved by the Bell (but not the College Years), Party of Five, Freaks and Geeks, Gilmore Girls, Joan of Arcadia.
  • I want to name all of my children after literary characters.
  • The Cobb is the new Caesar.
  • I like to dance, but only in the privacy of my own home.
  • I love wearing red shoes.
  • These are the movies I’ve watched the most times: Party Girl, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, Circle of Friends, Labyrinth.
  • I almost always remember my dreams, and I dream about everyone I’ve ever met. If we’ve spoken, I’ve dreamt about you. Common dream motifs: flying & saving the world (not at the same time). Most anxiety dreams center around being in plays and not knowing any of my lines.
  • I’m terrified of cockroaches.
  • When I take the sacrament, I can only eat a piece of bread that has crust on it. Twice I forced myself to take a piece with no crust (you know, so people don’t think I’m weird), but it’s just not the same.
  • Some books I like to reread a lot: The Perilous Gard, The Girl with the Silver Eyes, Jane Eyre, the Anne of Green Gable series, the Betsy-Tacy books, His Dark Materials.

BLEAK HOUSE this week or “Give me a shake” January 29, 2006

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Never fear, my heart still belongs to Guppy, but this week I particularly enjoyed Mr. Smallweed with his “Give me a shake.” Also, I’m worried that Guppy’s going to the dark side, and I don’t know how to stop him.
Erin says she doesn’t know if she trusts John Jarndyce, fearing his motivations in such generosity to Richard, Ada, and Esther might not be entirely philanthropic. I’m choosing not to be so cynical, at least for now, and believe he’s just a good man. I hope I’m proven right, because I like him.
Can we talk about the character of Esther Summerson for a moment? You all know I love her, of course, there’s nothing else you can do. But this is a character we’ve seen before: Agnes from DAVID COPPERFIELD, Anne from PERSUASION, and the girl from ADAM BEDE jump to mind. So, what’s the deal? Did there used to be a lot more angelic, humble women around, so everyone knew one? Is it a novel character device to offset the many absurd characters that Austen and Dickens like to fill their stories with? Just something I started thinking about tonight.

And for a completely non sequitur remark: last night I was buying produce at the grocery store, and I saw turnips. I have never eaten a turnip; don’t know why. Have you ever eaten one? Is this something I should pursue, or should I be glad I’ve been spared the experience?


“I’m the greatest star, I am by far, but no one knows it.” January 26, 2006

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This quote from Funny Girl isn’t entirely appropriate, but that’s what popped into my head as I clicked on the button to e-file my federal and state taxes today. That’s right, it’s January 26th, and I’m done with my taxes for another year. It feels great. If you would like to follow my fine example, and file online go to:
use my coupon code CR0685, and you’ll save $5 and I’ll earn a referral incentive for our trouble.


Is my Anglophile showing? January 25, 2006

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We’re working on taping The Woman in White for TOFT this week, and most of the creative team is English. Yesterday and today I spoke to an agent named St. John, and both times I got a little thrill when he said his name. I am such a geek!


Theatre Review: The Pajama Game January 24, 2006

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I went to see The Pajama Game at the American Airlines Theatre on Saturday with a friend, Carlos, from Roundabout. I was excited to see the show since I’ve never seen it before, but I was a bit hesitant to get too excited. I’d heard that the script was very dated, and it was the first weekend, so I knew there could still be some problems. Well, I won’t leave you in suspense, I loved it! This production reminded me of the revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, it’s very colorful and energetic. As for the script being dated, it was, of course, but that didn’t bother me at all. The set was beautiful-the main set being a larger than life pajama factory, with smaller scenes pieces being brought into the center for other scenes. Again, everything was very colorful, there wasn’t much effort for realism. The costumes were much the same.
The ensemble was really great. It was quite small for a musical, but the AA isn’t that big so it worked great. Now. Harry. I love him, he’s a great singer, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in this show. That being said, the poor boy can’t really act. Luckily, when he was alone on stage, you could just close your eyes and listen, and when Kelli was onstage with him, she helped him a lot. Kathleen Marshall had obviously choreographed around him, but he was still pretty nervous about the dancing. Luckily, I think we all found that endearing, and he’ll certainly get more comfortable as they go along. And Kelli. She was wonderful. I had only seen her in The Light in the Piazza, in which she was lovely, but I thought, can she really be spunky? The answer is yes, she can. She was riveting. When it was her and Harry onstage, I was watching her, no contest. I am now a full fledged, die hard, Kelli O’Hara fan.
The best number for me was Hernando’s Hideway (which I was actually not looking forward to). I thought the whole thing was beautifully choreographed, and Kathleen had put in a piano solo for Harry which was great (and the only time he looked completely comfortable)
The only thing else I can say is that I desperately hope that Roundabout will be smart enough to make a cast recording of this production. I will buy it the first day.
If you have the opportunity to see this production, jump on it! Not only is the show lots of fun, but I was told by a reliable source (the souvenir vendor) that they will soon be selling pajamas in the lobby. I only wish I could go see it again with you.


Newbery & Caldecott Winners January 23, 2006

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Today the Newbery and Caldecott Awards were announced. Here are the results:
John Newbery Medal Winner
Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins
Randolph Caldecott Medal Winner
The Hello, Goodbye Window illustrated by Chris Raschka

Newbery Honor
Whittington by Alan Armstrong
Hitler Youth:Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson

Caldecott Honor
Rosa illustrated by Bryan Collier
Zen Shorts illustrated by Jon J. Muth
Hot Air:The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride written & illustrated by Marjorie Priceman
Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems illustrated by Beckie Prange

Of all of these books, I’ve only read Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. There was recently a little online hoopla because Shannon googled herself, and read an unfavorable review of Princess Academy on somebody’s blog which hurt her feelings, and there was a little back and forth, so I’d better be careful what I say in case she googles herself again. I really like Shannon Hale (see the link to your left), and I’m happy she’s getting this kind of recognition. Having said that, I kind of agree with the unfavorable review in that I was not completely happy with the ending of Princess Academy, and I definitely think Goose Girl and Enna Burning are superior to it. You should just go ahead and read all three, not to mention River Secrets, a third Bayern story that will be coming out sometime in the near future.
I have already requested Criss Cross and The Hello, Goodbye Window from the library (I beat the rush, there were only a couple of holds on both of them), so I look forward to reading those as well.


“Guppy will wait” January 22, 2006

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Erin and I started watching this six part Masterpiece Theatre BLEAK HOUSE miniseries tonight. If you didn’t, I recommend you find out when it’s being replayed, catch up, and join us for episode two next Sunday night. The film style is a little too flashy for my taste, but besides that, I’m enjoying it very much. Especially since within the first five minutes I saw a familiar face; the girl who played Lyra in the National Theatre’s production of HIS DARK MATERIALS. I sensed Erin’s doubt of my declaration, so I quickly looked up BLEAK HOUSE on IMDB. Sure enough, Anna Maxwell Martin plays Esther Summerson (never question me on these very important matters).
I also saw on her bio that she was in NORTH AND SOUTH, and mini-series my Mom was recently telling me about. I’ll look forward to seeing her in that as well.
As we watched the movie tonight, I kept my computer on and looked at each actor’s bio as they were introduced. It was very informative and enjoyable. I provided a link above, if you would like to check it out.
So far, I love Esther Summerson (you kind of have to) and Guppy. I joked with Erin that Guppy should have told Esther he “was willin’ ” but the he said “Guppy will wait” which was just as good.
Happy Dickens-ing!