Curiosity Killed the Cate

Not yet, of course, but I’m sure someday it will…

would you rather… May 31, 2006

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If you could have a flying broomstick or a magic carpet, which would you choose? I can’t decide. A carpet might be more comfortable, but I feel like I’d have more control with a broom. What do you think?


a little something sweet

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I’ve been craving a Bit-O-Honey the last little while, but sometimes they’re hard to find. The last time I bought one was a couple of years ago at the same little bodega that supplied me with Hershey’s mint cookies and cream bars for so long, but alas, they seem to have neither now. A Bit-O-Honey is the kind of candy you find when you least suspect it, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled and not give up hope. If you see one, let me know, and if you’ve never tried one, I recommend you do. I think they’re delightful, and it’s fun to say.


Too long to be short, too short to be long May 30, 2006

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Well, my hair has reached the grow out stage that I hate and just in time for another hot, sticky, NY summer. My hair just reaches the base of my neck, and it drives me crazy! It is also not quite long enough to get all of it into a ponytail. Are pigtails my only option? I don’t have anything against the hairstyle, but every day seems a bit much. How long is this going to last?


“I’m suddenly feeling very…drowsy” May 26, 2006

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After several fruitless evenings at The Drowsy Chaperone lottery, last night my friend won! And when my friend wins, that means I win too. Before the show started, I began to get a giddy in anticipation, as well as a little nervous that I had imagined the show to be a little better than it actually was. Foolish Catherine. Of course it’s that good! Maybe not for everyone, but for me, this is exactly what a show should be. I know I said it before, but it just reminds me so much of what the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie is for me (and that the stage show kind of, but did not entirely capture) which is complete delight. I just truly enjoy and love every moment. I laughed even harder last night than I did the first time both from being able to anticipate some of my favorite moments, and from seeing things I didn’t notice the first time around.
I had told myself that two times would surely be enough for me, but now, I don’t think so. I will definitely go when we tape it (that’s a given), but I have to say, I think the lottery guy had better get used to having me around. I’m addicted, I just can’t get enough. Please come visit me and see this show so that I can go with you! If I keep taking people, than it won’t be my fault if I keep seeing it, right? No, I won’t say that. I don’t need a reason to want to see it again, I just do and that’s all there is to it. This is going to be one of those shows that I tell my children about over and over, and go on and on about how I was there to see it all…


much better May 25, 2006

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I swear I do work during the day, but I just finished a project, and I googled LM Montgomery, and bing bang boom, I find another quiz that I feel compelled to take! I liked the results of this one much better.


destined for tragedy…

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I found a link to this quiz on someone else’s blog, and I had to take it. I was really hoping I was Jane Eyre, and was a little dismayed to receive this result. I didn’t even finish this book! Guess I need to now. What literary character are you?


The Sorensens take Manhattan

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Last Friday I had two sisters, two brothers, and one mother come visit for the weekend, and we had two days to do everything that everyone wanted. That’s impossible, of course, and luckily everyone was good natured about it. So here’s the play-by-play of what we did do. Friday night I met my family after work and we all put our names in for either the Avenue Q lottery or The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels lottery for my brothers. Eric won two tickets for DRS, so they were all set. We left them to wander the theatre district and went up to Lincoln Center for dinner. We couldn’t get into the Mexican restaurant I was hoping to dazzle my mom with, so we ended up at Ollies, which was fine. Then I dropped the girls off at the Met for a 4-hour opera, while I worked at the temple.Saturday morning I got up and made thank you brownies for the AA box office because they got my sisters and mom in to see the long sold out The Pajama Game, (and my friend Scott got the boys into Spamalot!!) and we were all so grateful. It was a good weekend for the Sorensens and Broadway, that’s for sure. Then I hurried over to Lincoln Center for a little opera of my own (I was not disappointed that my opera was only 2 1/2 hours-no siree) with Rachel Newcomb! It was very light and fun, although I did wonder how a little how they stretched a 20 minute plot over 2 hours! Afterwards Rachel and I headed over to the nail salon and got pedicures, which was very fun, and then it was time to meet up with the family again. We went to dinner at a diner downtown (say that three times fast) called The Silver Spurs, and it was very fun. Afterwards, since we were already farther so far south (in my opinion), I suggested that we go find the Joseph Smith statue that I had not been to see yet. Luckily Erin led the way, or I assure you, we would never have found it. It was nice, although we were intrigued to see that someone had gone to the effort of scraping one of the sentences on the plaque off. I would have thought I’d have heard about that at church, but I didn’t. Anyway, it was fun to see, but once you’ve looked at it for a couple of minutes there’s really nothing else to do, but it had taken 20 to get there, so it felt a little unbalanced. So we walked over to the park to see the Statue of Liberty. I tried to convince everyone to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, but Meg was the only one I could convince, so we didn’t do that. Instead we walked back to the subway by way of Ground Zero, and ended the night at Ben & Jerry’s near my family’s hotel. Warning: Their chocolate peanut butter milkshake has nuts. (that was a bit of a shock to me as I was drinking it through a straw) The Rochester party left early Sunday morning, but Anne (who stayed at our house) accompanied me to church. Of course the times you want something crazy to happen, it never does-the week before we’d had two entire sacrament meetings planned, so we had one after the other. I had a great time seeing everyone, and I hope they had a good time too. I always feel slightly stressed playing the hostess, especially in NY which is such an amazing city, I hardly feel I can do justice to it. I guess that just means everyone has to visit a lot, so we get a chance to see everything. Something to keep in mind, Donny Osmond is joining the cast of Beauty and the Beast in the fall; just in case you needed an incentive.