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Not yet, of course, but I’m sure someday it will…

Oh how I love a quiz October 31, 2006

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  Which Gashlycrumb Tiny are you?  

C is for CLARA who wasted away.
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I love witches.  I’m pretty sure I always have.  I love the magic, I love the mystery, and perhaps most of all, I love the flying.  I will read any book about a witch, I enjoy the funny ones, the scary ones, the silly ones, stories about magical witches, and non-magical witches, etc.  When I was young, I read The Worst Witch about a young witch at boarding school, and was so disappointed when my mother told me there wasn’t such a school, so I couldn’t attend.  Oh well, if I can’t join them, I guess I’ll just keep reading about them.  Here’s a few titles of suggested reading for you:

If you want a more immediate witch fix, may I humbly suggest two cinematic favorites which are sure to please:


Halloween costumes October 30, 2006

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I’ve decided to have a two day salute to Halloween (which used to be my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas, but now it’s been bumped by Valentine’s Day because I just love the mail), excited?
When I was a kid, I loved the excuse to dress up, and since my mother’s an excellent seamstress, I could be just about anything I wanted. I always felt so sorry for the kids at school who had to wear store-bought costumes. Little did I know, they were feeling sorry for me that I had to wear homemade! I was never anything scary; I felt it much more important to be pretty. I was a princess, a cheerleader, a gypsy, Little Bo Peep, etc. My favorite coustume ever was Little Red Riding Hood. I think I was her two years in a row. My mother had make a red hood I think for somebody’s school play, and I wore that with a pinafore and red Sam & Libbys, and carried my brother’s stuffed wolf in a basket. Very fun.

Here’s a store bought costume that’s been brought to my attention. The name of it is “Naughty Librarian.” Appropriate for work?


a Gothic Lolita? October 27, 2006

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My sister, Amy, recently sent me this article on Gothic Lolita’s, claiming to recognize me in this…lifestyle, I guess it is?  Come to think of it, why was she looking at this article in the first place?  Is she a Gothic Lolita wannabe?

Anyway, I looked at the article skeptically.  I’ve never heard of a Gothic Lolita, but it sounded vaguely dirty to me. I still think maybe it is, but I have to admit, I see where she’s coming from. Here are my Gothic Lolita traits:

  • In college I did wear dresses and skirts exclusively, and I had my mother make me some pantaloons to wear underneath.  The benefits were two-fold.  1) They helped keep me warm in the winter, and 2) I never needed to worry overly about being modest seeing as I was pretty well covered from every angle.
  • I own and regularly wear five slightly different pairs of mary janes.
  • I do have a good supply of hair ribbons, but again, I wore them frequently in college, not so much now.
  • Pigtails and braids?  Check.
  • “Be polite, kind, and generally have good manners. Cross your ankles when you sit and always smile at people.”  I do try to have good manners, I do cross my ankles when seated, not so good at the smiling thing.
  • Pale skin?  Check.
  • “It is always a good idea, if you are devoted, to have a Lolita lifestyle. Decorate your room/house in that way, bake/cook, have tea parties and cherish everything that is beautiful.” 

Well, I think there can be no doubt that I was unknowingly a Gothic Lolita in college.  Who knew?  Still, I’m not sure I’m willing to accept that moniker now.  What do you think?

And before Anne brings it up, yes I was once called a “glee little school” girl by a stranger on the street (I was 18 at the time).  But I think that comment said more about the lady who made it than me.


Mary Poppins mishap October 26, 2006

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Months ago (I think May) I bought two tickets to see Mary Poppins, which I’ve been anxiously waiting for.  Last night, it was finally time to go see it.

The first act, while not perfect, was of course, lots of fun.  I immediately fell in love with Bert (he originated the role in the London production, and got a lot of attention for it), although I had a little trouble with Mary; she just doesn’t seem quite right somehow.

At intermission I spoke to Erin about how much I was looking forward to ‘Step in Time’ to really see Bert in action.  Sadly, about ten minutes after the second act started, the Banks house broke, and we were sent home.  It was most disappointing.  So, you shall all have to wait until we are able to go back and see the rest before I can write my definitive review. 

To be continued… 


current favorite commercial October 25, 2006

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I couldn’t find a better resolution video clip of this commercial for you, but you’ve probably already seen it anyway.  I really don’t know what the commercial has to do with their tag-line (are they trying to imply that a father picking his daughter up from school is worthy of a free car?), but I don’t much care.  I love watching this girl SOOO much.  And I love her outfit.


VA highlights

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Lest you think my less than satisfactory travels tainted my trip, here are a few highlights:

  • Seeing Andrea
  • the fall views
  • Seeing James
  • Attending Anne’s choral concert (with a John Rutter piece, no less!) 
  • Going to a regularly sized grocery store
  • Seeing Johnny
  • Shopping in a mall where I bought some pumpkin lotion and visited my first ever L.L. Bean store
  • Lengthy conversations with Andrea and James
  • Making a corn-husk doll at the Mt. Vernon fall festival
  • Using Johnny’s new lamp to read Tom’s Midnight Garden at midnight
  • Anne’s delicious, low-fat ginger snaps
  • Dancing with James while introducing Andrea to Greg & Steve

So you see, I had a wonderful, delightful, restful, invigorating trip.