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Rosa March 30, 2007

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I of the most fun things about my visit to CA was just the regular stuff, that I never seem to do one my own. Rachel and I spent some very quality time window-shopping and goofing off in a lovely consignment shop, Target, and a discount shoe store among other places. It was at the shoe shop that we meet Rosa, and we were both smitten. So much so, in fact, that we not only had to try Rosa on, but we had to walk across the store to look at ourselves in the mirror. Rosa is very beautiful, but the price tag is a bit steep. We wisely decided that we must leave the store before our shoe high got the better of us. If we really needed them, we could come back, right?

Friends, I made it back to NY without making the substantial monetary commitment that Rosa requires, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that I do still think of just how much better I look with Rosa in my company than without. I found an online retailer that carries Rosa. We can still be together. Rachel went back and got the gorgeous red pumps with the flirty rosette and the perfect amount of peek-a-boo toe. Can I live vicariously through her, or will I be driven by jealousy and desire to make Rosa part of my shoe family too?

*Please, no comments about the unlikelihood of my being able to walk more than two feet in these shoes. Though true, it really has no bearing on this decision.


eye opening experience March 29, 2007

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I went to the opthamologist yesterday for the first time in many years (I’ve been just getting by with an optomotrist). I remember getting my eyes dilated before, but somehow I didn’t remember how long it takes to recover. I wore my glasses to the appointment for convenience, so I didn’t have sunglasses with me. I walked out of the office onto the shady sidewalk. It was a bit painful, but doable, and I didn’t really want to stay at the office, so off I went. Then I walked into the sunlight. Boy howdy, that hurt. I was instantly crying, and I couldn’t see – I was a mess! Still, I wasn’t about to go back, so I kept walking. I walked with my eyes closed, and my hand shading them. Every 10 seconds or so, I would open one of my eyes a crack to make sure I wasn’t going to run into anybody or walk off the sidewalk. I must have been a sight. I ducked into the nearest Duane Reade to buy some sunglasses. I was hoping they’d have a pair of really huge ones, but no such luck. That’s also where I got a look at my eyes, and was totally freaked out. There was the smallest ridge of green around a giant black pupil. I looked like an alien vampire!
I put my contacts on because I didn’t think I could make it home without being able to see, and I had to wear the sunglasses, and once I was underground, I felt much better (hmmm, maybe I was an alien vampire mole person). Here is a picture of my eye six hours after it’d been dilated. The pupil is slightly smaller than it had been. Sheesh!


Coraline book project

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Click on the picture to take a look at my Coraline book project. I’m not 100% happy with it, but I guess it’s always hard to be totally happy with something I made myself.


another first in CA March 28, 2007

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Anthropologie is an extremely popular, and pricey, store in Manhattan. So naturally, I flew to LA for my first visit. You know, I like to mix it up. I loved all of the adoreable and far-too-small-for-me clothing, and found that they had many home items and lovely smelling body creams to tempt my wallet. Bad news for bank account. Fortunately, on this visit I was able to satisfy myself with their displays. Can you see well enough in this picture?  Yes, it’s a princess and the pea bed. Love it!

I also made Gabe take a picture of me reading the book, but you can’t quite see the cover well enough. Darn! Now, if I only could have climbed up into the bed, all of my fairy tale fantasies could have come true.


Gilmore Girl set tour March 27, 2007

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OK, I know this is what you’ve been waiting for. While I was in CA visiting Rachel & Co., she was able to arrange for her friend, Matt Czuchry, to take us around the WB lot and see where Gilmore Girls was filmed. I was a little worried about being a total nerd, but mostly I was just excited. Here’s where we entered the giant WB lot.

The first stop was the costume trailer, where they told me they had all of Lorelei’s clothes from the entire show in a basement warehouse.  Wardrobe Lady (sorry, can’t remember her name) said she started using them around season three to clothe extras.  I took a photo of Luke’s baseball caps (there were 6, even though you can’t see them all).  I was assured this was also just the tip of the iceberg for Luke’s hat collection.

Next we went to the Grandparent’s house which is in the same building as Logan’s apartment, but that no longer exists. Hmmmm, interesting… The second we walked in, I demanded to be shown the portrait of Rory, which Matt didn’t know a thing about, poor naive, fool, but we were able to find pretty easily. I’m sad it wasn’t on the wall, but there we are, Rory and I together.

Next stop, the Dragonfly Inn. We never did see the exterior, but it was the most fun set to see in person because it was all one piece due to all the “walking and talking” shots they do there. All of the sets, by the way were smaller than expected (especially Yale which I didn’t take a picture of), and darker; the latter being solely because they’re all indoors unless shot on location, or in Stars Hollow. That’s right, anytime they’re in Grandma’s driveway, that’s an inside studio, shocking, no? Anyhoo, here’s Matt and Rachel in Sookie’s kitchen which was a wonderful place.

I think you can tell by my face how thrilled I was to be standing behind the front desk at the Dragonfly Inn. Incidently, all of those keys have the most charming Dragonfly keychain’s on them. Wish I’d taken a close-up for you.  All of the set dressing on this show is really quality stuff.  We visited Paris’ apartment (sorry, no pic), and had fun going through their cd’s attributing them to Paris, Doyle, or Rory.  In actuality, I think they are completely random.

And then we made our way to Stars Hollow. Matt says it’s the largest outdoor set on the WB lot. How Gilmore Girls warranted that (I’m referring to the fact it was unknown, not that it didn’t merit it – we all know it does) in their first season, I’ll never know, but I’m glad it did.

Of course I needed a Stars Hollow Gazebo picture! Rachel and I felt quite at home sitting in the middle of Stars Hollow. It was also in the gazebo where Matt and I had our most important Gilmore Girls exchange. I accused him of what I’ve long suspected: that the ever present coffee cups in WB/CW shows are actually empty. Matt says he’s heard this theory more than once, and that there is no truth to it! He assured me his cup, at least, was always full of water.  I then promised to evermore defend the integrity of GG and their filled coffee cups.  I stand corrected.

We walked by a baby store and library I didn’t recognize, but I’m sure if I went back to the first season where more happened in Stars Hollow, I’d see them.  I took a quick photo of the ever-present Dooce’s Market.

Now, of course I would have an interior picture of Luke’s except that they were shooting there while we were visiting! Yes, friends, I saw The Lauren Graham. Only a brief glimpse through the ice cream shop window, but then, Matt took us to stand behind the director and we watched the scene being shot. Very cool. I also saw Scott Patterson (Luke) who walked right in front of us, and Sean Gunn (Kirk) through the window.

And last on our tour, it’s Lorelei’s house! I wasn’t sure we’d get to see it because we walked through the whole town, and didn’t see it. Matt made a quick inquiry and discovered that the front of Lorelei’s house is actually the back of Sookie’s house (which I had identified earlier).  Don’t know where the interior is, we didn’t see it, but I was pretty happy to just have a picture on the porch.  And thus concludes our tour of the Gilmore Girl set.  Thank you for holding your questions until the end.  Hope you had a good time, even though I can guarantee, you didn’t have as good a time as I did!


an early start

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This is what I look like at 5am when it’s time for an “early start.” This particular morning is when Erin, Michelle and I drove to Rochester bright and early on a Saturday morning. Quite frankly, I think early starts are way overrated.  Actually, that’s a lie.  Once I’ve started, I like being up doing things when I perceive others to be still sleeping, but the waking up part, it just hurts so bad.


March 26, 2007

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Golden Compass First Look

And so it begins…