Curiosity Killed the Cate

Not yet, of course, but I’m sure someday it will…

April 27, 2007

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April showers April 25, 2007

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There’s no hot water in our apartment building. Apparently this happened sometime Monday night (I get this information from Erin, not our super because he has a policy of telling us nothing). I tried to take a cold shower this morning, I really did. I’ve done it before, but this morning, I swear, our water supply was melted from a glacier, I’m surprised there weren’t ice chunks in it. It was way colder than room temperature. How can that be? Isn’t it just as hard to refrigerate water as it is to heat? Doesn’t it take as much energy? I couldn’t stand it. So, I went to work scuzzy. No one seemed to notice, but I was in a mighty bad mood. So, at lunch I walked across the street to my gym, and showered there. Again, no one at work seemed to notice anything about me was different when I returned from lunch with soaking wet hair (I don’t know whether I like the fact that I can get away with looking bad, or if I’m offended that no one notices me). Here’s hoping things are back to normal tomorrow.


Cherry goodness April 23, 2007

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I stumbled upon this delightful beverage on my lunch hour today. I had tried Coca-Cola Zero last summer, and it was too sweet for me, but I’m willing to try just about any cherry flavored cola, so I bought a bottle and took with me to enjoy in the sun. I enjoyed it a lot. We just may have found the official beverage of choice for Summer 2007.


I want to cry April 20, 2007

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You know, or maybe you don’t, how highly I esteem the great nation of Canada. I do. Not only for the great comics and candy, but also for the people and the stories, and perhaps most importantly, L.M. Montgomery. She’s probably where my Canuck obsession began. And now, I feel as if Canada is letting me down in the most horrible of ways. Yes, I will Blame Canada. Why, oh why are they letting this happen?


Golden Compass videogame April 19, 2007

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Sega is doing the Golden Compass videogame. I guess I should have known I couldn’t have the game anyway; I have a Playstation 2 which is now outdated. If it comes out on PS3, well, I’ll just have to upgrade.  The things I do for my obsessions.


book notes April 18, 2007

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I just finished this book, and I really enjoyed it. I think you might too – it’s a melodrama about an orphan that’s adopted by three spinster sisters who are sham spiritualists. I had one issue with the story, but it didn’t bother me too much, and overall, just a really good read. The heroine was highly engaging, and I was always anxious to see what would happen next. First time novelist is a librarian from Maryland. Click on the picture for a real review, or just do yourself a favor and go check it out immediately!

I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday, and noticed that the next #1 Lady’s Detective Agency book is out. I’ll look forward to reading that just as soon as NYPL gets it in.

I also noticed this in the store window. Who in their right mind is going to buy a box set with 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books? I can understand having a three, or four book set, but come on now, in 3 months there’ll be the full 7 book box set; surely it’s worth the wait?


so, I saw some shows April 17, 2007

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I’m so behind on telling you about shows, it’s ridicledackle, but here’s a little recap.  I saw Howard Katz at the Laura Pels Theatre.  Wasn’t a huge fan of the play, but I am a huge fan of Alfred Molina!  This is an actor that just never lets me down.  I would be thrilled to see him in just about anything.

While in CA I checked out The Marvelous Wonderettes which I heard about from a friend. I thought it’s be a good vacation show as it’s a jukebox musical based around girl group songs from the 50’s and 60’s. I was right. It’s not going to change the face of musical theatre, but it was a very good time, the perfect companion piece to Forever Plaid (a review show of boys songs from the 50’s), and I would recommend it.  Special shout-out to Kim Huber, I thought she was really great.

I really wish I’d gotten my act together and told you about this show right when I saw it, so maybe you could have gone to it. The Voysey Inheritance newly adapted by David Mamet, was wonderfully engaging. I’ve heard that Mamet cut at least an hour off of the show which seems amazing, particularly because I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Yes, there were conversations that could have gone longer, but overall, I felt like I got everything I needed for the story, and was left wanting just a little more, which isn’t a bad thing.

I’m not going to say anything about Inherit the Wind right now, because it’s getting it’s own posting. But I will tell you this is the first of three Broadway plays that I saw last week. Three! That’s what I call crazy, sexy, cool. Well you know, that and TLC.  An interesting note, they are selling little stuffed monkeys in the lobby of the Lyceum theatre.  I’ve yet to decide if this is a brilliant marketing scheme, or a sign of the decline of American theatre production.

Finally, finally, finally I saw Grey Gardens, and I almost don’t know what to say. It is as magnificent as people say. The second act is based on the Maysles famous documentary, and the first act is a fictional preamble to that.  Having watched the documentary very recently, I can tell you that both Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise Wilson are magical.  They do not merely imitate these women, they are them.  The music was poignant and touching.  The whole experience was just a delight.  If you’re in New York this spring or summer, this is a must see.  And lastly, I would like you to know that they are selling little stuffed cats in the Walter Kerr Theatre lobby.  What’s going on?  What children are going to see Inherit the Wind and/or Grey Gardens?

And that brings us to this weekend’s viewing of 110 in the Shade.  This was my first exposure to the story as I’ve never read or seen this musical, or the play, The Rainmaker, that it’s based on (Shhh, don’t tell your I’ll get my theatre degree revoked), and while the story was interesting, I didn’t think it was told too well – don’t know if this is the play’s fault or the musical adaptation.  All I know is the first and last song were about the lack of rain, and all the songs in the middle were about Lizzie not having a husband; it seemed a little out of wack.  Of course Audra McDonald was great, I wouldn’t have expected anything else.  I’m still not under her spell as everyone else I know is, but she is great.  I was happy to see John Cullum again.  I can’t believe he’s still working so much at his age, but good for him.  And you know who’s spell I am under?  Christopher Innvar’s; he is big time dreamy.  Oh please, oh please, let Christopher keep doing lots of NY plays so I can keep seeing him.  There were no stuffed animals being sold at Studio 54, but I was not left in any way disappointed – we were sitting next to Michael Cerveris.  Yowza!  Now that’s a memorable afternoon at the theatre.