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Blog hiatus July 10, 2007

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Back on August 1st.


M34 July 6, 2007

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Quiznos-Likelihood of surviving a zombie attack

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tales of the MTA July 5, 2007

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I like to ride the bus home after work. I find it more pleasant (I believe tourists fear the bus system) with less people and better views, no hot wait on a stifling platform. I’m lucky enough to have a bus line that runs right by the library, goes up Riverside Drive with minimal traffic, and dropping me off practically on my doorstep. When I catch the bus just right, it’s probably 5 minutes a longer commute than the train, so really, it’s no contest between bus and subway.  The other night, I got on the bus, as usual.  I was hoping enough people would get off at 72nd Street for me to get a seat (it usually works out for me).  Imagine my surprise when we drove right past 72nd without turning!  The bus driver had forgotten which route he was driving (he usually drove another one).  We ended up driving five or six blocks out of our way before he turned around and went back, passengers pointing out his mistake the whole way.  It seems like a pretty easy mistake to make, but it’s never happened to me before.

Now that it’s summer, the the stench has returned.  People who haven’t lived a big city may not be aware how nearly impossible it is to keep you’re cool even in relatively mild summer weather.  That’s because without fail, the subway platforms are steaming hot, and the trains are freezing cold.  That means that no matter what it’s like outside, once you get to the subway stop, you sweat.  Then, when you get on the train, you freeze.  It’s awesome.  Some native dress in layers for just this set of circumstances, but some of us (me) are too lazy, and of course, the tourists haven’t a chance.  And then, of course, there are those individuals cursed with very odoriferous BO.  If they’re hot, we all know it.  Ah yes, the season of stinky subway rides has begun.

Wish me luck.