Curiosity Killed the Cate

Not yet, of course, but I’m sure someday it will…

me and the man August 30, 2007

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In two months time, I’m going to be face to face with one of my favorite people on this earth. Well, it’ll be more like face to faces since I’ll just be sitting in the audience of maybe hundreds (don’t know the size of the venue), but I’m not going to complain. Philip Pullman is speaking on October 30th about his books and the upcoming movie, The Golden Compass (have I mentioned this before?), and I’m going to be there. If you live near Manhattan, may I suggest you be there too? And if you go, will you save me a seat because otherwise I’ll have to take a half-day from work so I can make sure I get a good one.


pet peeve # 3,470 August 29, 2007

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I hate turtlenecks, I really do. Mostly it’s because I don’t like wearing them, I feel like I’m going to choke. And when I see other people wearing them, I can’t help but imagine that I was wearing one, and then I feel like I’m going to choke. Plus, I just don’t find them attractive. Me really liking the way someone looks in a turtleneck is definitely the exception for me, not the rule.

The turtleneck I hate above all others is the sleeveless turtleneck. It’s completely pointless! Presumably one would wear a turtleneck to keep warm, but if it’s missing the sleeves, you’re not going to be warm; only your neck is, and as we’ve already established, if I start thinking about my neck being covered, I think about choking, and we don’t want to get into that again.

Today I found a new variation of the hated turtleneck – the body-less turtleneck?  Just as hateful to me, but at least more original.


Coney Island-Summer 2007 August 28, 2007

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Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t; they’re redoing Coney Island this summer. Some people predict doom and gloom and commercialism, I’ll wait and see. But I knew I needed to do a little exploring before things changed. Surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded yesterday, and we stayed longer than expected wandering around, people watching, and yes, riding the roller coaster (which I whole heartedly recommend – old, wooden, scary!). Can you spot me in this picture?


Perfect way to end your summer August 22, 2007

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Erin and I went to see Stardust last night.  I was a little worried because I decided to read the book first, and it was fresh in my mind, but I had a great time.  I didn’t mind most of the changes at all.  There were some things that were very reminiscent of Princess Bride. Here are the three things I minded:

1) All of the actors seemed to feel that they needed a British accent even if their character wasn’t British (Claire Danes and Michelle Pfeiffer) and I didn’t.  Neither did Robert De Niro, so for once, he and I agreed about his performance in a comedy.

2) The movie was a little too long with an extended montage on De Niro’s boat.  Very unneccesary. 

3) Claire Dane’s (second) dress wasn’t nearly pretty enough.

Overall, a really fun movie, and the lead, Charlie Cox, was very dreamy-looking; especially by the end of the movie.  I recommend it to everyone. 


retail dilemma August 20, 2007

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If I were to purchase this handbag, which is not saying that I am, but if I were, should I get the orange or the turquoise? I have sandals that are turquoise, so that’d be fun, but not until next summer really. Orange surely would be better for the fall/winter. I like them both. Probably means I shouldn’t get either. What do you think?


Happiness is… August 17, 2007

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…watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale and having your favorite dancer win!

Sabra is the winner!

Also finally acknowledging out loud that I totally have a crush on Pasha.


August 16, 2007

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Walk It Out, Fosse