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Masterpoop Theatre March 2, 2008

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I don’t think I’m asking too much.  All I want is to once a week be whisked off to another time and place, preferably with a little romance.  So why did you promise me an entire season of Jane Austen and then stick two mini-series I’ve already seen in the middle (when your new movies have been an all-too-brief 90 minutes), and then not play anything for almost all of March?

Tonight is a Johnny Cash concert!?!  Do you really think that’s an acceptable alternative?

You know I’ll always love you Masterpiece Theatre, but please, try to do better in the future.
Thank you.


Two movies I really liked March 1, 2008

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I’m not really as up-to-date with movies as I used to be, but I recently got both Sydney White and Bridge to Terabithia from Netflix and I was surprised to find how much I loved them both!
Sydney White is a Snow White retelling starring Amanda Bynes which puts it right up my alley, but it was only in theaters for about a day, so I assumed it was terrible. Still, I had to see it, right? And I have to say, it was very funny. I don’t know what Samm Levine did to become the eternal smarmy, girl-crazy nerd, but he certainly does it well. I thought the whole thing was pretty well done; quite cute and some laughs to boot.

As for Bridge to Terabithia, I was appalled by the trailers for this movie, as it looked like a realistic little story about two friends making up a world of their imagination in the backwoods had been turned into a fantasy CGI nightmare. Turns out the showed every bit of the CGI in the trailer, and the majority of the movie was exactly what I would have hoped. I read that Dakota Fanning turned down the part of Leslie Burke, and while I like her fine, I’m quite glad the AnnaSophia Robb who is growing on my at an alarming rate.