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Book fun December 23, 2008

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penguin-cover2I love me a good book list, and there are plenty to choose from now that we’re at the end of the year.  Check out this list from 100 Scope Notes – even though it disproves my theory that we’d move from penguins to polar bears in 2008, I like it.  Hey, maybe I was just ahead of my time and the polar bears are coming in 2009 (if it’s not all tiny people) – a girl can dream…


1 Wolf, 5 Stories December 22, 2008

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There's a Wolf at the Door There’s a Wolf at the Door by Zoe Alley

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book is probably more enjoyable for the adult reading it than the child listening which is a fine balance, I think, for all of the repeat readings parents have to do of simpler stories. The book is set up as a graphic novel with lots of panes on each page. The pictures are great, and the subtext and many jokes make reading these five classic stories very fresh and lots of fun. I hope to add this book to my actual bookshelves very soon.

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When did Kristin Scott Thomas become a French actress?

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tell-no-oneA couple of months ago I went to a French movie at The Little called Tell No One.  I quite enjoyed it (FYI – most amazing action sequence I’ve ever seen – it must have taken 90% of the movies budget) and there was an actress in it that looked exactly like Kristin Scott Thomas, but I knew it couldn’t be her, because it was a French woman.  Don’t ya know we get to the credits and it was her?  I was impressed – she sounded completely French (to my untrained ear) and it was a smallish part in a smallish movie.  Good on her.


ivelovedyousolongposterNow I’m checking out the coming attractions at The Little, you know, now that I have actual free time for movie watching again, and there’s a new French movie starring none other, but Ms. Thomas.  So, what’s the deal?  Did she move to France?  Is she more popular there?  Is she greatly committed to keeping up her French from school?  If you know, do tell; I’m very curious.


Revisiting Old Friends December 19, 2008

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I was going through the children cds on day pretty randomly, and I came across the entire collection of Greg & Steve’s We All Live Together.  We had the records when I was a kid, or maybe they were tapes, but I feel like the pictures were big, so I think records.  Anyway, they’re pretty basic kid-fare, particularly of the late 70’s.  I checked them all out and, I’m admitting to nothing here, if ever questioned it never happened, but I downloaded all of them for my listen pleasure, and who knows, the listening pleasure of my future children.  And you may think they’re outdated, but I actually had downloaded one volume that my mother bought on CD a couple of years ago, and then I played it for a small child who loved it!

Anyway, it just goes to show that there are always treasures to be found in your library – and while people don’t often think of music right away when they think of the library, it really is a wonderful way to listen to all kinds of music without the financial commitment.  I’ve actually got holds on the new Beyonce and Britney Spears CDs as we speak – 2 cds I’d never buy, but I’m not opposed to listening to.  So next time you’re curious to hear something but don’t want to commit, check out your library – you just might find a lovely surprise waiting for you!


“No more teachers, no more books…” December 18, 2008

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happyI’m feeling very happy and even more than that, very relieved today.  I am unofficially done with school (officialness to be achieved upon the submission of grades, hopefully tomorrow).  I feel like I’ve been in school forever (it’s really a bit over 3 years, but come on, that’s forever-esque) and the lightness of knowing that I’m done with school for good (until I decide to get another degree or certification) is making me positively giddy.  I experienced some of this already when I got my MLIS in May, but even though I was thrilled to be getting my Masters, I knew that I still had to take three more classes for my teaching certificate, so I couldn’t be completely care-free happy.  Even now, I know I face much hoop-jumping to get my NJ teaching certificate, and then turn around and try to get my NY certificate from that, but still – school is done!!

Here’s what I’ll miss about grad school:

  • Being handed articles and suggested reading that are pertinent to my career field
  • student discounts

Here’s what I won’t miss:

  • Class discussion – painless, even fun in a real class – deadly time drain and frustration galore in an online message board format
  • Constant dread and guilt of knowing no matter what I’ve already done for school, I could/should still be doing more 24/7
  • Let’s face it, a lot of the reading was really boring
  • Textbooks are insanely expensive and completely irrelevant within a year’s time
  • $$$ in general – grad school, books, every single step of getting a teaching certificate costs some serious bank

And what will I do with all of my free time?  I estimate I’ve over-spent it with wishful thinking at least three times over, but I want to:

  • Watch movies!  Both in the theater and make up for three years of seriously reducing my movie consumption
  • Take ukulele lessons
  • Learn Spanish
  • Get super serious about the gym/working out
  • Take up cross-stitching again
  • Build my website
  • Organize my worldly belongings do some bigtime ebay purging
  • Take dance classes
  • Hang out

Oh yes, color me giddy and delusional to boot, but I cannot help myself, I am a happy, happy girl!


Architecturally speaking… December 17, 2008

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Not much gets me as excited as a cool library – old or modern.  Check out this post at Web Urbanist with lots of great pix.  Some of them look awesome and user-friendly, some look absurd and awesome.  Either way, take a look.

One of my personal favorites is this totally contained children’s room – way to keep those kids in line: cool_libraries_9a


Being a librarian is where it’s at!

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librarianUS News recently published a list of the top 30 careers for 2009 based on several factors.  Librarian is on the list, rating an A in job satisfaction and a B/C for Job Market Outlook.  Go figure.  I was interested to see careers such as ghostwriter, clergy, and genetic counselors – I had no idea those are so profitable and marketable!