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Recycling beauty tips April 18, 2009

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My Life in Pink & Green My Life in Pink & Green by Lisa Greenwald

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Lucy, age 12, lives with her grandmother and mom (her father moved to London when she was three) and together they run a family pharmacy. Unfortunately, the pharmacy hasn’t been doing well for a long time; no one orders sodas or snacks at the grill and most people fill their prescriptions at the big corporate pharmacies where they can also grocery shop. Lucy is optimistic, however, as she decides to pull out the stops to improve their prospects through makeovers and “going green.”

This book was a fun read, primarily because I enjoyed the pharmacy/family business aspect. Lucy’s a very likable character, and I was certainly rooting for her the whole time. Do I really believe a 12-year-old has more business sense than two previous generations? It’s a stretch, but I guess anything’s possible!

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    How do NY libraries accommodate all the book tours these authors must need?

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