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Teens on the lam May 7, 2009

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Unwind Unwind by Neal Shusterman

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Quite frankly, I found a little sick pleasure in reading about a world where it’s illegal to get an abortion, but perfectly fine to have your unruly teen demolished for spare parts. That’s what working with the high school set on a daily basis will do for you, I guess. But I don’t think this book’s appeal is limited to the high school teachers and teen librarians of the world, quite the contrary. This sci-fi thriller set in in a future dystopia has a few twists and turns up its sleeve, which is a good thing – there are a lot of formulaic sci-fi novels out there that I’d just as soon not waste my reading time on. This book tells the story of three teens, scheduled to be “unwound” for three very different reasons, but are thrown together by circumstance, and must work together to try to make it to their 18th birthday (when it will once again be illegal to kill them). With an ending I didn’t see coming, I would definitely recommend this book to teens and adults alike.

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Boarding School for Vampires May 5, 2009

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Marked (House of Night, Book 1) Marked by P.C. Cast

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Here’s the thing – fantasy writers writing anything within 10 years of Harry Potter really need to go out of their way to make different choices. I can totally believe that this book is not particularly Potter inspired (Rowling, after all, borrowed heavily from her predecessors too), but here are a great many similarities: 1)heroine leaves her ordinary life to attend a boarding school for the “special” (in this case vampires), 2)heroine is marked by an extraordinary mark on her forehead that means she has no chance of blending in, 3)on the first day our heroine meets both her instant enemy & roomate/best friend, 4)heroine has a teacher/mentor that she trusts and admires, yet does not confide in. You see what I mean?

That gripe aside, I did enjoy this story and will continue to read the series. A good series to recommend to Twilight admirers; it may even prove to be better written (but don’t tell the Twilight-heads I said that).

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