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Retail Free August 3, 2009

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To celebrate quitting my last retail job ever (oh please, oh please let this be true), here’s a top ten list of the things I will not miss one little bit:

10. People asking how much an item is while standing right in front of the sign that says how much it is.

9. “Do you work here?”  Sadly, I get this in stores I don’t work in too – something about me screams menial worker

8. Sales goals which are completely useless for part-time employees that work 4-8 hours a month!

7. People on cell phones that expect your complete, undivided attention while giving you about 25% of theirs

6. Liars – some people will lie terribly (both terrible lies and poor execution)to your face for just about anything, large or small

5. Kids – or more specifically, parents who think it’s fine for their kids to play with and destroy things that we are trying to make a living from selling

4. Even more than that, parents who keep their small children up until 10pm shopping and don’t understand (or care) why they are crying and throwing tantrums and giving me a migraine

3. Retail companies that expect their lowest paid employees to make only the most positive impressions on customers with no support by way of equipment that works, products that are universal between stores, catalogs, and online, or current and reliable information on company policies and promotions

2. The Customer is Always Right mentality, usually pulled out by people who are blatently wrong

1. People who think that the $9.99 they’re spending on any given item includes the right to treat sales clerks like morons/peons/slaves/whipping boys or long lost friends


2 Responses to “Retail Free”

  1. esodhiambo Says:

    Oh I really hope that is the end for you. I fear, though, that as long as you continue to dress well, people will continue to think you work there.

    (Does this happen to you a lot at Target? I bet it is all that red you wear).

  2. Lola Says:

    Let’s hear a resounding AMEN.

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