Curiosity Killed the Cate

Not yet, of course, but I’m sure someday it will…

Catherine Elizabeth July 31, 2006

What? You want to know more about me?






I’m a brand spankin’ new librarian fresh out of library school and working my first job as a YA librarian at a public library in the great state of New York. I have lots of opinions that I’m not afraid to share, and hope to spend the rest of my life changing them over and over as I learn and experience new things. I’m a sucker for a new experience which gets me into plenty of embarrassing situations, but that’s part of the fun, right?

For more fun facts, click on the photo:


2 Responses to “Catherine Elizabeth”

  1. Barb Says:

    A couple of answers for your set visit to Gilmore Girls. The nome on the lawn between Babbetts house and Loreli’s house is called Pierpont and was stolen by Jess when he first arrived in Stars Hollow. Sad that you missed Loreli’s house, it is in them same soundstage that the Dragonfly Inn is, its to the left of the Dragonfly when you walk in.

    Sadly since the series looks doomed to have ended Lukes and Dooses’ and Mrs. Kims are all cleared out on the inside, and they are taking down the trees and outside which make it Stars Hollow. You missed visiting Luke’s apartment which is inside Stars Hollow High. Just took visitors to the Parents house yesterday – they shot the last scenes on Saturday (quite odd) and its still dressed but it looks like they are starting to take it down. Yale is almost gone too.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit and got to hang with Matt who is adorable.

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