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I heart water aerobics February 10, 2008

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I started attending a water aerobics class at the YMCA with my mom. I decided to go just to be supportive to her and have some good mother/daughter bonding time. Wouldn’t you know, I’m addicted now? I really do love it. Everything they say about the benefits of exercising in water are true. It simultaneously makes your cardio workout easier (no impact) and harder (constant resistance), and on top of that, you can’t really tell that you’re sweating! Also, I like to pretend that this will lead to a late, great synchronized swimming career for me. Then again, I’m pretty sure they don’t allow floatation belts in the Olympics.


Easter 2007 April 9, 2007

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I’m sure this is sacrilegious, and probably ensures my place in hell, but as of yesterday, Easter is officially my least favorite holiday. I was in charge of a special children’s musical number at church, and then during the 2nd and 3rd hour of church in charge of both the special Easter activity and the singing activity for the kids. I knew there’d be some kids on sugar highs, or sugar crashes, and that things would be a little hectic. But I wasn’t prepared for all of the kids to be sugar-impaired, and most of the other adults to be missing. For one reason or another, we ended up with one teacher for the younger kids, one teacher for the older kids, the pianist, and me. I was overwhelmed to say the least. To try to have a special lesson about the last week of Jesus’ life while kids are literally falling out of their chairs as they begin sugar detox is, to put it nicely, a challenge. One I’m not sure I met yesterday.

The topper was when, at the end of church, I was handing out little plastic Easter eggs filled with stickers to all of the kids. I know it’s not much, but I’d purchased it all with my own money because I wanted the kids to have a treat. I was informed by several of the children in short order that stickers do not an Easter treat make. Apparently, only sugar is acceptable. I tried not to take it personally as I understand that they were jonesing bad. Luckily, seeing these pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews do much to aid my Easter recovery.


a look at Christmas 2006 January 3, 2007

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So, I went to Rochester to visit the family for Christmas, and it was even more hectic than usual.  This was mostly, I think because Lindsay was just about to start being a missionary for the LDS church (she entered the training center today), and Emily was supposed to have a baby (she hasn’t yet, as far as I know), which technically didn’t have any effect on us other than making everyone a little antsy.  And then, of course, there’s the regular craziness that goes along with a giant family (my family consists of 2 parents, 10 kids, two in-laws, 3.5 nieces and nephews, and 1 cat).  A peaceful holiday with quiet days of doing anything or nothing just wasn’t in the cards for 2006.  Still, I’d rather be there than anywhere else, so while I do kind of feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, I can’t really complain.  Here are a few bullets of vacation info:


Halloween costumes October 30, 2006

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I’ve decided to have a two day salute to Halloween (which used to be my 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas, but now it’s been bumped by Valentine’s Day because I just love the mail), excited?
When I was a kid, I loved the excuse to dress up, and since my mother’s an excellent seamstress, I could be just about anything I wanted. I always felt so sorry for the kids at school who had to wear store-bought costumes. Little did I know, they were feeling sorry for me that I had to wear homemade! I was never anything scary; I felt it much more important to be pretty. I was a princess, a cheerleader, a gypsy, Little Bo Peep, etc. My favorite coustume ever was Little Red Riding Hood. I think I was her two years in a row. My mother had make a red hood I think for somebody’s school play, and I wore that with a pinafore and red Sam & Libbys, and carried my brother’s stuffed wolf in a basket. Very fun.

Here’s a store bought costume that’s been brought to my attention. The name of it is “Naughty Librarian.” Appropriate for work?


A good, old-fashioned quilting bee! July 7, 2006

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My mom has this quilt that she must have made sometime around my birth, because I don’t ever remember a time that we didn’t have it. It’s very big, and it’s got kitchy flowers all over it. We took it on every picnic and outing. Right now it lives in the back of my mom’s car so that it’s always there when you unexpectedly want it. I decided that I really needed my own blanket like this. Surely the only reason I don’t spend more time in the park is because I’m lacking the blanket, right? So when Erin suggested we go to Rochester for the Independence Day weekend, I thought I would try to convince everyone that it would be really fun to help me tie my own, all outing quilt. It was surprisingly easy to do (the convincing, not the making which turned out to be much more intricate than expected).Mom told me she made her blanket out of sheets which she thought aided in it’s long life, so I ordered a red gingham sheet set from JC Penny, and had it sent to Mom. I was planning to just do gingham on the top, and plain red on the bottom; very simple. When I got home I bought the red material with Mom, and she also had bought some really cute cherry material for the binding. Well, in our fervor to get started (actually, it was Sunday night before we really got started), Mom and I both cut the red fabric to match the sheet size, and between the two of us, we managed somehow to cut it to neither the right length or width. Thus, we ended up making (read Mom made) the patchwork top, cutting up the red fabric, the fitted gingham sheet, and the cherries, and we used the flat gingham sheet as the bottom.As you can see, it turned out really cute thanks to Mom’s expertise and speedy serging, Erin’s cutting, and my impressive ironing skills. Emily, Erin, and Lily helped me tie the quilt with green ties using the “pioneer knots” that Charlene Campbell taught us (she also let us use her quilting frame for which I’m very grateful), and it only took us a few hours. We were a little disappointed, in fact, over how quickly we finished. After The Hill Cumorah Pageant finishes (my mom works in the costume shop), my mother will finish it off for me with the cherry binding, and I can begin attracting attention in the parks of NY with my beautiful blanket.



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I was planning on visiting my parents over the holiday weekend via the train, but the tracks were flooded and it was cancelled, so I figured I had to stay home. Luckily, my sister, Emily, came to my rescue, and picked Erin and I up and we drove to Rochester. It was a great weekend, and there will be more on that later, but first, just look what
we saw on our way upstate! It was an amazing sight:
In case you can’t quite make it out, in the back of the truckbed are the legs standing up, and laying in front of those are the torso of a giant robot holding a gun. Who knew they were filming the Transformer movie in NY?


The Sorensens take Manhattan May 25, 2006

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Last Friday I had two sisters, two brothers, and one mother come visit for the weekend, and we had two days to do everything that everyone wanted. That’s impossible, of course, and luckily everyone was good natured about it. So here’s the play-by-play of what we did do. Friday night I met my family after work and we all put our names in for either the Avenue Q lottery or The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels lottery for my brothers. Eric won two tickets for DRS, so they were all set. We left them to wander the theatre district and went up to Lincoln Center for dinner. We couldn’t get into the Mexican restaurant I was hoping to dazzle my mom with, so we ended up at Ollies, which was fine. Then I dropped the girls off at the Met for a 4-hour opera, while I worked at the temple.Saturday morning I got up and made thank you brownies for the AA box office because they got my sisters and mom in to see the long sold out The Pajama Game, (and my friend Scott got the boys into Spamalot!!) and we were all so grateful. It was a good weekend for the Sorensens and Broadway, that’s for sure. Then I hurried over to Lincoln Center for a little opera of my own (I was not disappointed that my opera was only 2 1/2 hours-no siree) with Rachel Newcomb! It was very light and fun, although I did wonder how a little how they stretched a 20 minute plot over 2 hours! Afterwards Rachel and I headed over to the nail salon and got pedicures, which was very fun, and then it was time to meet up with the family again. We went to dinner at a diner downtown (say that three times fast) called The Silver Spurs, and it was very fun. Afterwards, since we were already farther so far south (in my opinion), I suggested that we go find the Joseph Smith statue that I had not been to see yet. Luckily Erin led the way, or I assure you, we would never have found it. It was nice, although we were intrigued to see that someone had gone to the effort of scraping one of the sentences on the plaque off. I would have thought I’d have heard about that at church, but I didn’t. Anyway, it was fun to see, but once you’ve looked at it for a couple of minutes there’s really nothing else to do, but it had taken 20 to get there, so it felt a little unbalanced. So we walked over to the park to see the Statue of Liberty. I tried to convince everyone to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, but Meg was the only one I could convince, so we didn’t do that. Instead we walked back to the subway by way of Ground Zero, and ended the night at Ben & Jerry’s near my family’s hotel. Warning: Their chocolate peanut butter milkshake has nuts. (that was a bit of a shock to me as I was drinking it through a straw) The Rochester party left early Sunday morning, but Anne (who stayed at our house) accompanied me to church. Of course the times you want something crazy to happen, it never does-the week before we’d had two entire sacrament meetings planned, so we had one after the other. I had a great time seeing everyone, and I hope they had a good time too. I always feel slightly stressed playing the hostess, especially in NY which is such an amazing city, I hardly feel I can do justice to it. I guess that just means everyone has to visit a lot, so we get a chance to see everything. Something to keep in mind, Donny Osmond is joining the cast of Beauty and the Beast in the fall; just in case you needed an incentive.