Curiosity Killed the Cate

Not yet, of course, but I’m sure someday it will…

Retail Free August 3, 2009

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To celebrate quitting my last retail job ever (oh please, oh please let this be true), here’s a top ten list of the things I will not miss one little bit:

10. People asking how much an item is while standing right in front of the sign that says how much it is.

9. “Do you work here?”  Sadly, I get this in stores I don’t work in too – something about me screams menial worker

8. Sales goals which are completely useless for part-time employees that work 4-8 hours a month!

7. People on cell phones that expect your complete, undivided attention while giving you about 25% of theirs

6. Liars – some people will lie terribly (both terrible lies and poor execution)to your face for just about anything, large or small

5. Kids – or more specifically, parents who think it’s fine for their kids to play with and destroy things that we are trying to make a living from selling

4. Even more than that, parents who keep their small children up until 10pm shopping and don’t understand (or care) why they are crying and throwing tantrums and giving me a migraine

3. Retail companies that expect their lowest paid employees to make only the most positive impressions on customers with no support by way of equipment that works, products that are universal between stores, catalogs, and online, or current and reliable information on company policies and promotions

2. The Customer is Always Right mentality, usually pulled out by people who are blatently wrong

1. People who think that the $9.99 they’re spending on any given item includes the right to treat sales clerks like morons/peons/slaves/whipping boys or long lost friends


My newest library tagline March 19, 2009

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“Return it on time & it won’t cost a dime.”

I should really copyright these – they’re gold!


Pet Peeves March 12, 2009

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I know I’ve only been a real, honest-to-goodness librarian for a few months, but I’m ready to declare my all-time most hated request by a library patron.  I’m well aware that every person that approaches my desk thinks they’re the only one making this “simple” request, and I’m also aware that as the only librarian with my desk out on the reading room floor, there’s no way around taking the brunt of it, but come on people!! 

No you cannot have my pen which I am currently using to DO MY WORK, no I do not have 100’s of extra pens for every person that approaches me for one, yes I know full well that when you say you want to borrow a pen, you are most likely going to steal it (probably unintentionally), no I do not have extra paper and it is incredibly difficult to keep the venom out of my voice when I tell you both that you cannot have my office supplies AND that there is scratch paper and golf pencils at every computer station that you would have seen had you made the slightest effort to look around.

I’m going to try to make myself wait at least a year before I turn into a super snarky freak with a customized desk plate that reads, “The library provides free information, NOT free office supplies.”  Seriously, WHY do people think that a non-profit organization that is currently featured in the news constantly for having no money, would be able to provide each and every patron with paper and pen?  That stuff adds up fast, yo!

cakeplanner_diagram_pizza_pOn a totally unrelated gripe, I also have a grievance with cakes that don’t look like cake.  I love me a food network cake decorating show for entertainment, but I am actually grossed out at the idea of eating a cake created to look like something else.  I really don’t think I could do it, and that’s saying a lot considering I have a mouthful of sweet “tooth’s.”


My first crazy library story February 12, 2009

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wuthering-heights-bookThe Monday after the conclusion of Masterpiece Theatre’s new Wuthering Heights aired, we had a patron ask for the copy of the book.  While I do not like Wuthering Heights myself, a Bronte request will always be a thrill and I was delighted to grab a copy for her.

Yesterday she came back, demanding a “proper” copy of the book.  She explained that the one we’d given her wasn’t written in proper English and she refused to read it.  We tried to tell her that this book is quite old and that was the style they wrote in back then, but she refused to accept it, saying she was “an educated woman who knows proper English when she reads it.” 

It’s hard to argue with that, and I did scan the catalog to see if maybe there was some junior version or novelized version of the MTV modern version, but alas (and yet, happily) we did not have such a book.

I was sad not to have created another Bronte fan, but at least she tried it, and she did check out some other (modern) YA novels, so I’m glad she’s still reading.


Boring days & scary nights February 6, 2009

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Actually, my days are anything but boring – I have more work than can be done in any given day and a million distractions besides.  But I know I’ve had a very boring blog, but I promise, my absence is not entirely a bad thing.  I guarantee you don’t want a recounting of my daily efforts to convince library patrons that I’m not a tax expert, I don’t run any of the websites they’re visiting, and thus have no power to “fix” them, and that there really is a reason we require a library card rather than just handing out books, movies, cds and internet time to any and everyone who walks in.

Also, I’ve started writing a work blog in a vain attempt to actually get some information the the teens, and while it’s nothing great, you’d be surprised how taxing I find it to update:


But the good news is that I watched this scary movie last night and I can whole-heartedly recommend it.  It’s light on the gore, and while not the scariest or most suspenseful movie I’ve seen, I did jump several times, I was riveted until the end; altogether, this movie truly transcends its genre.  I can’t imagine an American thriller like this one, and I hope to high heaven we don’t have a remake coming our way.


Revisiting Old Friends December 19, 2008

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I was going through the children cds on day pretty randomly, and I came across the entire collection of Greg & Steve’s We All Live Together.  We had the records when I was a kid, or maybe they were tapes, but I feel like the pictures were big, so I think records.  Anyway, they’re pretty basic kid-fare, particularly of the late 70’s.  I checked them all out and, I’m admitting to nothing here, if ever questioned it never happened, but I downloaded all of them for my listen pleasure, and who knows, the listening pleasure of my future children.  And you may think they’re outdated, but I actually had downloaded one volume that my mother bought on CD a couple of years ago, and then I played it for a small child who loved it!

Anyway, it just goes to show that there are always treasures to be found in your library – and while people don’t often think of music right away when they think of the library, it really is a wonderful way to listen to all kinds of music without the financial commitment.  I’ve actually got holds on the new Beyonce and Britney Spears CDs as we speak – 2 cds I’d never buy, but I’m not opposed to listening to.  So next time you’re curious to hear something but don’t want to commit, check out your library – you just might find a lovely surprise waiting for you!


“No more teachers, no more books…” December 18, 2008

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happyI’m feeling very happy and even more than that, very relieved today.  I am unofficially done with school (officialness to be achieved upon the submission of grades, hopefully tomorrow).  I feel like I’ve been in school forever (it’s really a bit over 3 years, but come on, that’s forever-esque) and the lightness of knowing that I’m done with school for good (until I decide to get another degree or certification) is making me positively giddy.  I experienced some of this already when I got my MLIS in May, but even though I was thrilled to be getting my Masters, I knew that I still had to take three more classes for my teaching certificate, so I couldn’t be completely care-free happy.  Even now, I know I face much hoop-jumping to get my NJ teaching certificate, and then turn around and try to get my NY certificate from that, but still – school is done!!

Here’s what I’ll miss about grad school:

  • Being handed articles and suggested reading that are pertinent to my career field
  • student discounts

Here’s what I won’t miss:

  • Class discussion – painless, even fun in a real class – deadly time drain and frustration galore in an online message board format
  • Constant dread and guilt of knowing no matter what I’ve already done for school, I could/should still be doing more 24/7
  • Let’s face it, a lot of the reading was really boring
  • Textbooks are insanely expensive and completely irrelevant within a year’s time
  • $$$ in general – grad school, books, every single step of getting a teaching certificate costs some serious bank

And what will I do with all of my free time?  I estimate I’ve over-spent it with wishful thinking at least three times over, but I want to:

  • Watch movies!  Both in the theater and make up for three years of seriously reducing my movie consumption
  • Take ukulele lessons
  • Learn Spanish
  • Get super serious about the gym/working out
  • Take up cross-stitching again
  • Build my website
  • Organize my worldly belongings do some bigtime ebay purging
  • Take dance classes
  • Hang out

Oh yes, color me giddy and delusional to boot, but I cannot help myself, I am a happy, happy girl!