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Christmas Magic December 8, 2008

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Last night my sister, her kids, and I went driving to see some Christmas decorations in a neighborhood near mine.  Our mother told us there were a lot of Christmas lights to see, so we headed off with some vague directions that would lead us to a house with lots of lights.  We drove around for a while, and saw many houses that were overly decorated, in my opinion, but when we got to this one, I thought it pretty much took the cake:
img_15941Wait, just take a look at a couple of close-ups.  First, the Claus family:

img_15951AND they have their very own Victorian Carolers:

img_1602How could I expect anything to top that?  Well, as you must have guessed, some did, and boy howdy, how they did.  Please enjoy one of my first endeavors in movie making using my point & shoot camera.  It’s shaky and inadequate, but I think you’ll get the idea:

Seasons Greetings from Catherine Sorensen on Vimeo.

And a couple of close-ups:

img_1605It’s baby Jesus, by the way, rocking out to those jazzy Christmas toons, not one of the many, many Santa Clauses.  I guess a manger is just a better place for a speaker…

img_1608You caught the helicoptor, right?

And my favorite detail, though it’s hard to see here, is the disco ball:

img_1612Oh, and I can’t help but include the Santa Dolphins; goodness knows it doesn’t feel like Christmas until you see some of those:



big city, big pest problems January 27, 2008

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I snapped a picture of this notice in my apartment building as a momento of urban life. I wish I knew how to make it bigger so you easily see every comment, because they are very funny. It took about three or four weeks for this notice to get every note you see here.

a sampling of shoes November 19, 2007

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Here are the shoes I have out to possibly wear over the next six weeks.  The rest are in two (big) boxes in my closet awaiting the move.  Is it sick that I like looking at them?  Yeah, probably.  I still do though.


M34 July 6, 2007

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