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Masterpoop Theatre March 2, 2008

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I don’t think I’m asking too much.  All I want is to once a week be whisked off to another time and place, preferably with a little romance.  So why did you promise me an entire season of Jane Austen and then stick two mini-series I’ve already seen in the middle (when your new movies have been an all-too-brief 90 minutes), and then not play anything for almost all of March?

Tonight is a Johnny Cash concert!?!  Do you really think that’s an acceptable alternative?

You know I’ll always love you Masterpiece Theatre, but please, try to do better in the future.
Thank you.


all things Austen September 7, 2007

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Austen-mania, as you know, has it’s peaks and valley’s. The last peak wasn’t too long ago, but we’re gearing up for another. 2008 may possibly be named The Year of Austen, if only by me.

Shannon Hale’s getting us off to an early start with her new (non-YA)novel, Austenland. I haven’t read it yet, but I will soon. And of course there’s the current feature film, Becoming Jane which I still need to see to make sure they applied my ample suggestions.

As many of you surely know, Austen will be the theme of Masterpiece Theatre this season (be sure to click on the link to watch a preview). They will feature a brand new version of Sense and Sensibility as well as never before seen in the US, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abby, and Persuasion. (editorial note, I really don’t know how they’re going to top the most recent feature film versions of S&S and Persuasion, but I’ll try to keep an open mind). They’ll also air a new biopic about the authoress herself, and the already seen Emma (yuck!) and Pride and Prejudice (yum!) mini-series from the ’90s.

Brooklyn Arden has been kind enough to suggest a reading calendar for us all to follow to read the 6 novels throughout 2008, something that would do me good as I haven’t read any of them in a while.

I started prepping myself for 2008 Austen-mania last night by attending a screening of the upcoming movie, The Jane Austen Book Club. One of the producers apparently used to be on the NYPL board, and decided to treat us poor library staff to a sneak-peek. You know I would have attended almost any free movie, but I was delighted to see this one. I read the book when it came out and found it mildly entertaining, but not nearly elitist enough for me (I wanted more obscure Austen references so I could feel smug in my brilliance). I actually quite enjoyed the movie, moreso than the book which is a rare phenomena of a film adaptation. Of course, casting Hugh Dancy as the romantic lead never hurts. And I was particularly delighted by Emily Blunt’s performance as the Austen know-it-all.

*Biggest problem with the movie – There’s a scene where Blunt (playing a teacher) eats yogurt in the library.  The library!  That is not allowed.


British Food Goddess September 5, 2007

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Nigella Lawson’s Food Philosophy

I have a total “biffo” crush (as my friend Johanna would say) on Nigella Lawson. Erin gave me her most popular cookbook, How to be a Domestic Goodess, some years ago, and the love has been growing ever since.


Happiness is… August 17, 2007

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…watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale and having your favorite dancer win!

Sabra is the winner!

Also finally acknowledging out loud that I totally have a crush on Pasha.


Gilmore Girl set tour March 27, 2007

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OK, I know this is what you’ve been waiting for. While I was in CA visiting Rachel & Co., she was able to arrange for her friend, Matt Czuchry, to take us around the WB lot and see where Gilmore Girls was filmed. I was a little worried about being a total nerd, but mostly I was just excited. Here’s where we entered the giant WB lot.

The first stop was the costume trailer, where they told me they had all of Lorelei’s clothes from the entire show in a basement warehouse.  Wardrobe Lady (sorry, can’t remember her name) said she started using them around season three to clothe extras.  I took a photo of Luke’s baseball caps (there were 6, even though you can’t see them all).  I was assured this was also just the tip of the iceberg for Luke’s hat collection.

Next we went to the Grandparent’s house which is in the same building as Logan’s apartment, but that no longer exists. Hmmmm, interesting… The second we walked in, I demanded to be shown the portrait of Rory, which Matt didn’t know a thing about, poor naive, fool, but we were able to find pretty easily. I’m sad it wasn’t on the wall, but there we are, Rory and I together.

Next stop, the Dragonfly Inn. We never did see the exterior, but it was the most fun set to see in person because it was all one piece due to all the “walking and talking” shots they do there. All of the sets, by the way were smaller than expected (especially Yale which I didn’t take a picture of), and darker; the latter being solely because they’re all indoors unless shot on location, or in Stars Hollow. That’s right, anytime they’re in Grandma’s driveway, that’s an inside studio, shocking, no? Anyhoo, here’s Matt and Rachel in Sookie’s kitchen which was a wonderful place.

I think you can tell by my face how thrilled I was to be standing behind the front desk at the Dragonfly Inn. Incidently, all of those keys have the most charming Dragonfly keychain’s on them. Wish I’d taken a close-up for you.  All of the set dressing on this show is really quality stuff.  We visited Paris’ apartment (sorry, no pic), and had fun going through their cd’s attributing them to Paris, Doyle, or Rory.  In actuality, I think they are completely random.

And then we made our way to Stars Hollow. Matt says it’s the largest outdoor set on the WB lot. How Gilmore Girls warranted that (I’m referring to the fact it was unknown, not that it didn’t merit it – we all know it does) in their first season, I’ll never know, but I’m glad it did.

Of course I needed a Stars Hollow Gazebo picture! Rachel and I felt quite at home sitting in the middle of Stars Hollow. It was also in the gazebo where Matt and I had our most important Gilmore Girls exchange. I accused him of what I’ve long suspected: that the ever present coffee cups in WB/CW shows are actually empty. Matt says he’s heard this theory more than once, and that there is no truth to it! He assured me his cup, at least, was always full of water.  I then promised to evermore defend the integrity of GG and their filled coffee cups.  I stand corrected.

We walked by a baby store and library I didn’t recognize, but I’m sure if I went back to the first season where more happened in Stars Hollow, I’d see them.  I took a quick photo of the ever-present Dooce’s Market.

Now, of course I would have an interior picture of Luke’s except that they were shooting there while we were visiting! Yes, friends, I saw The Lauren Graham. Only a brief glimpse through the ice cream shop window, but then, Matt took us to stand behind the director and we watched the scene being shot. Very cool. I also saw Scott Patterson (Luke) who walked right in front of us, and Sean Gunn (Kirk) through the window.

And last on our tour, it’s Lorelei’s house! I wasn’t sure we’d get to see it because we walked through the whole town, and didn’t see it. Matt made a quick inquiry and discovered that the front of Lorelei’s house is actually the back of Sookie’s house (which I had identified earlier).  Don’t know where the interior is, we didn’t see it, but I was pretty happy to just have a picture on the porch.  And thus concludes our tour of the Gilmore Girl set.  Thank you for holding your questions until the end.  Hope you had a good time, even though I can guarantee, you didn’t have as good a time as I did!


have we met? March 22, 2007

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Here’s a teaser from my visit to the Gilmore Girl set. I took lots of pictures, of course. This little guy was right by Lorelei’s house, I think between her house and Babette’s, but I’ve never noticed him on the show. A prize for anyone who can tell me an episode where he’s visable…


March 1, 2007

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“And that is…acting”

Do I have a slight YouTube addiction? Yes. Should you watch this anyway? YES!
This is a scene for Extras – I really need to see this show.