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My first crazy library story February 12, 2009

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wuthering-heights-bookThe Monday after the conclusion of Masterpiece Theatre’s new Wuthering Heights aired, we had a patron ask for the copy of the book.  While I do not like Wuthering Heights myself, a Bronte request will always be a thrill and I was delighted to grab a copy for her.

Yesterday she came back, demanding a “proper” copy of the book.  She explained that the one we’d given her wasn’t written in proper English and she refused to read it.  We tried to tell her that this book is quite old and that was the style they wrote in back then, but she refused to accept it, saying she was “an educated woman who knows proper English when she reads it.” 

It’s hard to argue with that, and I did scan the catalog to see if maybe there was some junior version or novelized version of the MTV modern version, but alas (and yet, happily) we did not have such a book.

I was sad not to have created another Bronte fan, but at least she tried it, and she did check out some other (modern) YA novels, so I’m glad she’s still reading.