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When did Kristin Scott Thomas become a French actress? December 22, 2008

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tell-no-oneA couple of months ago I went to a French movie at The Little called Tell No One.  I quite enjoyed it (FYI – most amazing action sequence I’ve ever seen – it must have taken 90% of the movies budget) and there was an actress in it that looked exactly like Kristin Scott Thomas, but I knew it couldn’t be her, because it was a French woman.  Don’t ya know we get to the credits and it was her?  I was impressed – she sounded completely French (to my untrained ear) and it was a smallish part in a smallish movie.  Good on her.


ivelovedyousolongposterNow I’m checking out the coming attractions at The Little, you know, now that I have actual free time for movie watching again, and there’s a new French movie starring none other, but Ms. Thomas.  So, what’s the deal?  Did she move to France?  Is she more popular there?  Is she greatly committed to keeping up her French from school?  If you know, do tell; I’m very curious.