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Pet Peeves March 12, 2009

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I know I’ve only been a real, honest-to-goodness librarian for a few months, but I’m ready to declare my all-time most hated request by a library patron.  I’m well aware that every person that approaches my desk thinks they’re the only one making this “simple” request, and I’m also aware that as the only librarian with my desk out on the reading room floor, there’s no way around taking the brunt of it, but come on people!! 

No you cannot have my pen which I am currently using to DO MY WORK, no I do not have 100’s of extra pens for every person that approaches me for one, yes I know full well that when you say you want to borrow a pen, you are most likely going to steal it (probably unintentionally), no I do not have extra paper and it is incredibly difficult to keep the venom out of my voice when I tell you both that you cannot have my office supplies AND that there is scratch paper and golf pencils at every computer station that you would have seen had you made the slightest effort to look around.

I’m going to try to make myself wait at least a year before I turn into a super snarky freak with a customized desk plate that reads, “The library provides free information, NOT free office supplies.”  Seriously, WHY do people think that a non-profit organization that is currently featured in the news constantly for having no money, would be able to provide each and every patron with paper and pen?  That stuff adds up fast, yo!

cakeplanner_diagram_pizza_pOn a totally unrelated gripe, I also have a grievance with cakes that don’t look like cake.  I love me a food network cake decorating show for entertainment, but I am actually grossed out at the idea of eating a cake created to look like something else.  I really don’t think I could do it, and that’s saying a lot considering I have a mouthful of sweet “tooth’s.”