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“No more teachers, no more books…” December 18, 2008

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happyI’m feeling very happy and even more than that, very relieved today.  I am unofficially done with school (officialness to be achieved upon the submission of grades, hopefully tomorrow).  I feel like I’ve been in school forever (it’s really a bit over 3 years, but come on, that’s forever-esque) and the lightness of knowing that I’m done with school for good (until I decide to get another degree or certification) is making me positively giddy.  I experienced some of this already when I got my MLIS in May, but even though I was thrilled to be getting my Masters, I knew that I still had to take three more classes for my teaching certificate, so I couldn’t be completely care-free happy.  Even now, I know I face much hoop-jumping to get my NJ teaching certificate, and then turn around and try to get my NY certificate from that, but still – school is done!!

Here’s what I’ll miss about grad school:

  • Being handed articles and suggested reading that are pertinent to my career field
  • student discounts

Here’s what I won’t miss:

  • Class discussion – painless, even fun in a real class – deadly time drain and frustration galore in an online message board format
  • Constant dread and guilt of knowing no matter what I’ve already done for school, I could/should still be doing more 24/7
  • Let’s face it, a lot of the reading was really boring
  • Textbooks are insanely expensive and completely irrelevant within a year’s time
  • $$$ in general – grad school, books, every single step of getting a teaching certificate costs some serious bank

And what will I do with all of my free time?  I estimate I’ve over-spent it with wishful thinking at least three times over, but I want to:

  • Watch movies!  Both in the theater and make up for three years of seriously reducing my movie consumption
  • Take ukulele lessons
  • Learn Spanish
  • Get super serious about the gym/working out
  • Take up cross-stitching again
  • Build my website
  • Organize my worldly belongings do some bigtime ebay purging
  • Take dance classes
  • Hang out

Oh yes, color me giddy and delusional to boot, but I cannot help myself, I am a happy, happy girl!