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Betrayal July 20, 2009

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Layout 1Shannon, I don’t blame you; I know where my anger is to be directed, and it’s Bloomsbury USA, oh yes it is.  How can I make you see what a betrayal this cover for the next Bayern book is?  How, when I shouldn’t even have to tell you!

I totally get it.  Someone’s decided this new cover is more eye-catching, more likely to sell, and maybe you’re right (I don’t think so, but you could be); for people that are starting the series now, maybe this series of covers is just what they want.  But what about us?  What about all the people who have been collecting these beautiful hardcover books as they come out, and now our fourth book is a radically different (and in my opinion, inferior) design than the rest? 

I think this abrupt cover change totally unfair and disrespectful to loyal Bayern book fans; just in case you were wondering.