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Boring days & scary nights February 6, 2009

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Actually, my days are anything but boring – I have more work than can be done in any given day and a million distractions besides.  But I know I’ve had a very boring blog, but I promise, my absence is not entirely a bad thing.  I guarantee you don’t want a recounting of my daily efforts to convince library patrons that I’m not a tax expert, I don’t run any of the websites they’re visiting, and thus have no power to “fix” them, and that there really is a reason we require a library card rather than just handing out books, movies, cds and internet time to any and everyone who walks in.

Also, I’ve started writing a work blog in a vain attempt to actually get some information the the teens, and while it’s nothing great, you’d be surprised how taxing I find it to update:


But the good news is that I watched this scary movie last night and I can whole-heartedly recommend it.  It’s light on the gore, and while not the scariest or most suspenseful movie I’ve seen, I did jump several times, I was riveted until the end; altogether, this movie truly transcends its genre.  I can’t imagine an American thriller like this one, and I hope to high heaven we don’t have a remake coming our way.