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Hungry for more August 30, 2009

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I can only add my accolades like everyone else. I didn’t want to like this book for the perverse reason that everyone else did, but hey, there’s a reason it’s a crowd pleaser! The story is grim, and there’s no mercy for the squeamish, which is why it one my heart. Collins set about to tell a rough story of a world where kids are forced to battle with other kids to the death for their own survival, and she had me on the edge my of seat the whole way through. As a book with an inevitable sequel, I approve of Collins ending. I HATE books that leave you on the edge of a cliff, sometimes waiting a year for the continuation! It makes me feel manipulated, which I hate more than anything. I believe a responsible and talented storyteller should be able to write a real ending well enough that I will choose to come back for more when the sequel is published, not be forced to just to see if my character makes it out alive or some nonsense like that. This story is definitely not over, but I can wait in pleasant anticipation of the sequel (September 2009), not in torment. It’s so much nicer that way, isn’t it?


Reading books March 13, 2009

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never_let_me_go_largeA few years ago I read this book and loved it; and then everyone I recommended it to didn’t love it.  Which really, I’m fine with; different books for different people and all, but I did stop suggesting it to people.  Now I see a news story  about a screen adaptation with the dreaded Keira Knightley (nothing personal Keira, I’m totally willing to believe you’re a nice person, and I don’t even blame you for being in all of these movies because I wouldn’t say no to the offers either – but you’re not so much good at acting), and it makes me sad.  For one thing, knowing nothing about the book upon reading it was a real joy, and once the trailers hit tv’s, that won’t be possible anymore.  If you have any interest in reading a book that I liked, but others didn’t, and I won’t tell you about because I promise it’s better that way, you should probably go ahead and do so in the next year or two.


So, last night I finally started The Hunger Games.  I put5hungergames it off because I was reading through a lot of 2008 releases deciding what to buy for my branch, but this one I knew I needed just from other’s reviews, so I read the other books first.  Last night I read the first 2 chapters and I already can tell that I’m gonna be hard-pressed waiting for the sequel that comes out on September 1st.  I’m predisposed to like it as it’s a YA dystopian novel, my ultimate favorite, but when I say everyone’s been raving about this one, I mean everyone.  Right away, I loved the tone of the writing, and couldn’t resist reading it aloud to the cat (who ran out of the room, which I take that as an indication of her bad taste, not my poor reading skills.  I’ve got my pride, man!) and becoming instantly envious of the voice-over artist/actor who got to record the audiobook.  This job, by the way, which people sometimes blithely tell me I should look into, as in a hobby, per se, is extremely competitive and hard to get – everyactor wants it, just in case you were wondering.  I would love to get famous just so I could have this job, and I’m also pretty sure that’s the only way I could get it.  But anyway, I looked up who did get it – Carolyn McCormick –  don’t know her but she’s sooo lucky.